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Question: What is time of delivery?
Answer: It is normally delivered within 10 workdays after confirmation of order. If small or sample order, please do check with us. If we have ready goods in stock, we can make immediate shipment.

Question: What about quality assurance?
We offer 24 months warrantee from time of shipment for medical equipment, for minor problem, we will provide with free spare parts. For serious problem, we will support replacement free of charge. But if the machine is damaged due to rough handling during transportation, we are free from responsibility, but we will help the buyer lodge a claim against the shipping company or insurance company, thus all the spare parts or expenses should be borne by buyer.

Question: What about the price level?
We are sure that our prices are very competitive compared with those at the same quality level, since we have our own factory. And through so many years of efforts, we have established our fame in many countries, especially in Germany, UK, USA and other Western Countries.

Question: Can you supply cheap quality products?
We are one of the leading company in Anesthesia Flowmeter and Anesthesia Vaporizer in the world. We know which factory is producing high quality products and which are producing cheap one. We believe that our products are highly competitive in the international market. It’s up to your choice.

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